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Create your Future Now

The Magik Year Manifesto!


Do you set your new year intention in a rush once the new year has started?

Do you have dreams and  ideals of your future life but don't know how to actualise them?


The Magik Year Manifesto is YOUR MAP to the most epic year ahead.

The very BEST time to do this manifesto is in November, that right! Before the end of year celebrations begin.

This is so you can hit the ground running in the new year.


This manifesto is the combination and meeting point of practical structure and mystic Magik.

It takes you into the past, the future,  into the quantum realm of pure potentiality and then distills it all down into practical structure and strategy. This is my OWN SECRET SAUCE.


You will Literally create a map of your year ahead in the most profound and FUN way.



2 hr video workshop

Magik Year Manifesto PDF

Secret Bonuses to keep you motivated throughout the year!


(PS if you sign up for the Dream Awake Program in November you get the Magik Year Manifesto for FREE)


Curate your year ahead for just $88

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