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A Gateway to Unlocking Your Human Technology

Dream Architect Community

Dear Dreamer,

Do you feel the call?

The deep desire to evolve beyond this current reality?

Do you hear in the heart of your soul that there is more to life than this…?

Imagine having access to the tools of consciousness 

The ability to harness the power of your dreams to shape the living world around you…

What would you do?

What would you create?

Who would you choose to be in this one precious life?

Dear Fellow Traveler, Seeker and Beloved on the Path Of Awakening


It’s time for your next step on the path.


It’s time for you to DREAM AWAKE

DREAM AWAKE is not just an online course

It’s a Magikal approach to life.


When you DREAM AWAKE, you will learn to harness the power of your subconscious to 

  • Lucid dream

  • Stop living in Fear and start living in TRUST

  • Master the art of Inner Alkemy to transform any situation or mindset

  • Break free of your restrictive paradigm and radically transform your world

  • Create the life you dream of


Are you ready to DREAM AWAKE?

KEY #1:  It’s All A Game

What would happen if you lived life as a game and an adventure. How would this dramatically change everything for you? Learn the art of becoming the Adventurer in this key. Explore the basics of Dreaming and Dream History and uncover practical applications of dreaming.

  • The art of “The Treasure Map”

  • Rediscover what it means to Dream

  • The metaphysics of Dream Consciousness

  • Dreaming in ancient cultures and why it is important to reactivate your ability to Dream

  • Create and map practical applications for your Dream Tools

Key 1 Dream Toolbox

The Reality Check | The Mild Technique | D.R.E.A.M tool

KEY #2:  Many Paths, Many Doors

There are more paths to Truth than there are drops in the ocean. In this Key we discover how everything in your life is a doorway to discover your own Truth. We dive into the science of sleep and how the elements affect our ability to Dream.

  • The Science of Sleep and how to track your health through your sleep

  • The effects of Light on Health, Sleep and Consciousness.

  • The codex of diet and herbs that uplevel your ability to dream and access evolved states of consciousness.

  • Sleep hygiene - the number one hack for you to wake up with more energy.

  • Movement Medicine as a tool for Awareness 

  • The Mindful Meditation technique for navigating anxiety and enhancing Dream Awareness

Key 2 Dream Toolbox

Alpha Brainwave Jump, | W.I.L.D technique | “The Cosmic Rubbish Bin”

KEY #3:  Believe What You Perceive

What is a belief? How do we create beliefs consciously? How do you wield the power of conscious dreaming to re-create your life? Here you will learn how to seed dreams and restructure your Conscious Mind.

  • Rewire your neural pathways and build new beliefs

  • Bio-hack your mind using epigenetics

  • Learn to “Dream Seed”

  • Harness the power of your imagination and reignite your childlike wonder.

  • DECODE YOUR DREAMS on all levels

  • Discover the 7 Types of Dreams and how to discern between them

  • What is deja vu really?


Key 3 Dream Toolbox

Dream Decoding | F.I.L.D Technique | Dream Weaving

KEY 4:  Enter the Dojo

Nothing in life is mastered without practice. If you want a black belt in Kung Fu you need to get your head out of the books and into the dojo. In this Key we develop and wield the quantum brain muscle to explore a range of tools for you to enhance lucidity.

  • Become the determined dreamer (while awake or asleep)

  • Harness the true power of COURAGE by understanding its nature.

  • The quantum brain muscle - develop and map functional brain neuroplasticity

  • ABRACADABRA - discover HOW the world is actually made of words

  • Learn the art of Frequency Alkemy

  • Use Binaural Beats to Dream better.

Key 4 Dream Toolbox

Binaural Induction | Sound Seeding | Hypnagogic Brainwave Induction


KEY 5:  Alkemy Is Always Present

Alkemy is the infinite toroidal flow of creation and deconstruction. Learn to be the center of flow and unlock the real power of Dream Alkemy. Decode dreams and master the tool of Inception.

  • Become a Dream Architect

  • Harness the power of Chaos and Change

  • Navigate Nightmares and transform them into one of your greatest tools. 

  • Using Fear as fuel for your desires

  • The Dream World and Waking Worlds are not separate

  • Transform your relationship with Death. 


Key 5 Dream Toolbox

Inception | Continuum | Advanced Dream Decoding | Transforming Trauma


KEY 6:  Convergent Time

Come with me deep down the rabbit hole into the nature of Time Space and Space Time. Unlock the power of becoming the Day Dreamer, and see the most powerful time frame you live in is something called CONVERGENT TIME.

  • The Time Trap - how you are trapped by the time structure that you live in.

  • Time Space vs Space Time

  • Live in Convergent Time so you can be “on time”, meeting the demands of the “real world”, while staying deeply connected to the infinite field of consciousness

  • Learn the art of Liminal Living 

  • The power of being a Day Dreamer

  • Dream yourself Awake


Key 6 Dream Toolbox

Alkemists Reality Check | Liminal Hack | Yoga Nidra | Mirror Gazing


KEY 7: The Unknown

Now you are ready to truly navigate the chaos of life with confidence. Learn that you are beyond needing information and answers and become the navigator of the unknown. Incubate your Lucid Life at any moment with your Dream seeds.

  • Bend reality and ride the waves of Chaos

  • Unlock the psychedelic nature of the brain by self-activating DMT and natural psychedelia

  • How electromagnetic storms mimic the bioelectric battery in your body.

  • Decipher the difference between Hallucinations and Reality.

  • The gateway to Astral travel


Key 7 Dream Toolbox

You Are Now The Creator Of Your DREAM AWAKE

Here's a small window into our journey ahead...


For people who are at the leading edge in all aspects of life and are ready to dive deep into their OWN cellular energy and perceptions to recreate themselves at a higher order of complexity..


Stop Looking Outside Of Yourself 

Reactivate Your Magik Now!




7 Modules segmented down into digestible chunks of knowledge


Each module has Audio, Video and Reading material options to suit your style of learning.


Study at your own natural pace


Over 20 tangible and practical Dream tools for you to implement and train.


Module Workbooks to track your progress.


A Soundscape Library of exclusive and specific Binaural Beats, guided meditations, Lucid Dream inductions and Trauma Transforming journeys.


Printable and Editable Dream Decoding Journal PDF to track your dreams.


Full Archive of Live Dream Awake and Dream Architecture Trainings


Specific Transformational Guided Journeys for each Module to enter into a Quantum State before diving into new modules.

Choose Your Path

Dream Awake
Self Study

Dream Architect

(Includes Self Study Program)

Anchor 1
Anchor 2

Dream AWAKE and Dream ARCHITECTURE begin in January 2023… 


But you don’t have to wait until 2023. Make your Dreams Come True NOW


Join today and receive that satisfied feeling of knowing you’re Already Ahead for 2023.



Plus you get the following bonuses RIGHT NOW to use over the festive season 

(HINT - Bonus #3 is my absolute FAVOURITE)



Kittea’s Personal binaural sound journey to align and anchor you back to love on a daily basis. Use this every day to maintain your high vibration. 



3 REAL private Dream Stories from Kittea that show how working with your dreams TANGIBLY transforms different areas of your life. 



Get a head start on the best year of your life with the Magik Year Manifesto. A. 3-part mini course to help you vision, dream and map out your next year ahead. This is the secret formula I have used for over a decade to rocketship myself into an extraordinary life.



A curated Codex of the best books, movies, music and youtube videos on all things related to Dreaming and Conscious Navigation


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  • Dream Awake

    • Dream Jedi Toolbox
    • Decoding Templates
    • Soundscape Library
    • PDF's and Workbooks
    • Join BEFORE Dec 15th and receive 4 additional bonuses:
    • #1 Love Incubation
    • #2 Alkemists Gold
    • #3 Magik Year Manifesto
    • #4 Lucid Library
  • Dream Architects

    Every month
    • Monthly Live Dream Cohort Calls
    • Premium Soundscape Library
    • Dream Jedi Toolbox
    • Decoding Templates
    • Dreamer Community Forum
    • PDF's and Workbooks
    • Access to Special Events and Retreats
    • Join BEFORE Dec 15th and receive 4 additional bonuses:
    • #1 Love Incubation
    • #2 Alkemists Gold
    • #3 Magik Year Manifesto
    • #4 Lucid Library
  • Best Value

    Dream Architects

    Every year
    • Monthly Live Dream Cohort Calls
    • Premium Soundscape Library
    • Dream Jedi Toolbox
    • Decoding Templates
    • Dreamer Community Forum
    • PDF's and Workbooks
    • Access to Special Events and Retreats
    • FULL ACCESS to the DREAM AWAKE self study program
    • Join BEFORE Dec 15th and receive 4 additional bonuses:
    • #1 Love Incubation
    • #2 Alkemists Gold
    • #3 Magik Year Manifesto
    • #4 Lucid Library




A personal message from Kittea


From the time I was a child to my early 20s I was afraid of the dark. The setting sun was not romantic, it was a source of fear and dread and the night set in and the nightmares began…


I didn’t feel in control of my life, I wondered where my people were and where my home was, and I suffered daily cycles of fear and anxiety. 


I didn’t have the tools to manage life, let alone create a life I loved. 


Through a series of dreams I was eventually guided to a remote lake in Guatemala where I discovered a school of yoga, metaphysics and meditation and a community of people that felt like home. 


From that moment on life became an adventure. The things I feared became my allies. My dreams guided me to people, places, abundance and love. 


Right now I’m writing these words to you in a literal castle built by my dream partner - and HE JUST PROPOSED TO ME!


My dreams have guided me here - and I want you to join me on an adventure. An adventure deep into YOUR dreams, into YOUR life, into YOUR love. 


Let me share with you everything I know to see your dreams awaken and your life become an incredible reality of creation, consciousness and compassion. 


When you click the link below you get to decide:


Shall I just study the DREAM AWAKE course?


Shall I go to the highest level possible with Kittea?



The world is made of words. And if you know the right words, you can make with them a new world.

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