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The journey

Actualise your

Heart + Magik + Technology




Now more than ever the world needs you to reawaken what is already yours.

Dream Alkemist Private Community

This is the school


An online community of dreamers, visionaries, creatives and magikal creatures who are creating heaven on earth.


If you want support.

If you want next-level tools.

If you want to bring your dreams to life - and do it together, then please


Dream Awake Self Study

This is the course


I’ll teach you 

The metaphysics of Dream Consciousness…

Lucid Dreaming

The Power of Chaos and Change…

How to hack time…

And so much more.

You wont find any other dream or life creation course out there like this!

This is how you become a Dream Architect.

This is how you weave all facets of reality to Dream Awake.

Magik Life Manifesto

This is the map


A one day workshop to curate your year ahead. This is my SECRET SAUCE to creating the life you want.


If you want the next year to be your best.

If you want to experience tangible magik.

If you want a proven system that is both magikal and practical.


Watch Kittea's Personal Story

About Kittea Ásdis

Untitled (2300 × 1080px).png

My art is to weave ancient and modern technology with the principals of mystic magik to follow the guidance of my heart. This art is the alkemical foundation that is used to curate programs and offerings for YOU.


Desperately afraid of the dark until my early 20s, my days were a cycle of anxiety and dread until I found myself alone in the countryside and was forced to face my biggest nightmare… 


I survived. And then the dreams began…


A recurring dream led me to a hidden lake in Guatemala where I found a real life school of yoga and metaphysics [watch my video]


My dreams guided me to build a multi 6 figure businesses creating elixirs, health products and wellbeing programs.


They guided me to my dream man who built a literal castle by the sea where we live


Now I’m here to teach you how to weave reality so your dreams come true…


It’s time for you to DREAM AWAKE.

"The Paradox is that you are both the Dreamer and the Dreamed... You are Creator and Created at the same time." - Kittea

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Daily Magik

If you are looking for pocket sized reminders of just how magik you are then my Signature Daily Magik Deck is for you.

Over 13,000 of these decks have been distributed globally to epic humans!

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